Monday, August 1, 2011

Warrior Dash

Scott post race

Scott, and friends from church who ran with him

Scott jumping over fire!

Scott and friends pre-race

This how we got somewhat cleaned off

me and my friend Jenn
Me stepping out of the mud pit

Me getting ready to head into the mud pit

Carolyn jumping over fire

Scott and I pre-race

Scott and I both ran the Warrior Dash this past weekend. It was Scott's first race ever. We had a fun time running with friends! We were both happy we survived the obstacles. It was a very hilly muddy run. We would both do the run again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nashvegas 2011

All the runners post race in St. Louis

Dad, Caitlyn, Emily, me, and Jason pre-race at the Expo

Dad with the basket from Michelle

Brianna, Jason, me, Mike, Regina, and my Dad

So back in November my friend Becca talked me into signing up for the Nashville Rock n Roll marathon. We then talked my dad, sister, brother, and cousin into doing the full marathon. My running friend Amanda ran the half marathon. Becca ended up moving to Australia a couple of months ago so she wasn't able to run with us. We missed running with her!!!

One of our family friends Michelle made us a race basket with all kinds of goodies to help with pre and post race. It was packed with all kinds of yummy goodies and foot cream and stuff to decorate our car with. She had run the Nashville marathon 5 years ago with her family.

My aunt Mardi, and cousin Mikan came out with Caitlyn to cheer us on. Brianna came with us too. They were the best cheerleaders. It was so fun seeing them along the race.

We drove to Nashville on Friday and then we went to the Expo and had lots of fun picking up our race packets and lots of freebies. My aunt Mardi, cousin Caitlyn, and I won free t-shirts. Em and I got some matching headbands that say, "Bad Ass Mother Runner." We then had a pre-race dinner at Jason's deli just down the straight from our hotel.

Race morning we headed down the street from our hotel to the starting line. There were thousands of people. The newspaper said 27,000 ran that day. 5,000 in the full marathon and 22,000 in the half. Of those 5,000 only 4,000 finished the race. It was a beautiful, sunny 80 degree day which is not good running weather when you aren't used to heat yet. We all finished the race with my dad coming in first of the group, then my sister, then my cousin, then brother, then me. The craziest part for me was around mile 12 when a man just passed out and fell to the ground. At that point, I just wanted to focus on finishing the race and not getting sick or passing out.

After the race, we went to a fun restaurant with Becca's brother Mike and his wife Regina. Then we went to the Montgomery Gentry concert for the race participants. After the concert, we enjoyed some frozen yogurt and then headed to bed.

We all had such a fun time running the marathon we are trying to decide which one to do next. I am thinking the Kansas City marathon so I don't have to travel during hockey and football season for the boys.

Easter Weekend

Scott's brother Craig was married to Marianne in St. Louis over Easter weekend. We had a fun time hanging out with lots of family. Scott and Nile enjoyed golfing with all the brothers the day before the wedding. We had a yummy Italian dinner the night before the wedding. After the wedding reception while we were helping clean up, the tornado sirens started going off, then the electricity went off at the church. We waited until the warning went off and then headed back to my mom's house. 270 was shut down due to down power lines. Then we learned the St. Louis airport had been hit. We drove by we were only about 10 minutes from the airport. It was crazy seeing all the destruction.

Saturday, I went on my long run with my brother Jason. Then we went to Scott's parents for an Easter egg hunt and dying eggs. Then we went to the Cardinals baseball game which was tons of fun and enjoyed some ted drews ice cream after.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Becca's Wedding

Book Club Ladies with Becca

Rob and Becca

So one of my best friends Becca got married a couple of weeks ago. She married a great guy. Becca is my running friend who talked me until running the Kansas City Marathon. She is the reason I have become addicted to running long distances. She also talked me into the Nashville Marathon which is April 30. I have been training for that this winter. My dad, sister, brother, cousin, and friend Jen are going to run the full marathon and a couple of my other running friends are going to run the half. I am sad though because she is going to move to Australia with her new husband in a month. I will miss her but I am sure she will have lots of adventures in Australia. I might even have to go visit her.

Her wedding weekend was fun because some of our book club friends that have moved away came back for the wedding. It was to see Amanda and Jenny and all hang out together.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Look Who's Eight!!

This is Claire's drawing for the cover of her program

Claire in front of the food table

Claire with Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma

Nana, Great-Grandma, Claire, Carolyn, and Emily

The Family

Claire with Papa and Nana

Claire with Grandma and Grandpa

Claire turned 8 this past week. We decided to go to St. Louis for her baptism so her great-grandparents could attend. We had 34 people attend and Claire was related to all but 4 people. It was a great day!! Claire was able to wear the dress that I was baptized in and also my mom and sister. It fit her perfectly. After the baptism, we went to my mom's house for some yummy food!! It was great to be with all of our family.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

The Puzzle

All the Girls at the Zoo (while we are waiting for the tornado warning to disappear)
All the Maddox Boys

Brent and Claire at the Science Center doing experiments

Tourtillott Family and Maddox Family ice skating

Brent and Claire with their lego creations

Brent with Great Grandma

The Nativity Scene

Our White Christmas

Cousins building Legos together

Claire with her Justin Bieber Doll

We enjoyed a White Christmas in St. Louis this year. The kids loved playing with all their cousins, aunts,uncles and grandparents. Scott took the kids to a couple of movies. We explored the Science Center and the zoo. We were able to go ice skating with good friends who were passing through town. Scott, my brother Jason and his wife Brianna and I worked on a 2000 piece puzzle and were able to finish it which was quite an accomplishment considering my brothers dog Carmine ate a few pieces. We also were able to enjoy some bowling with the family.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Claire has a vampire

Claire doing her vampire face

B with his bowl of candy he got

Brent as a BYU football player

Nile as Elvis

We had a crazy Halloween weekend. We had a church trunk or treat party Friday night. Then Saturday the boys each had a hockey game and Nile had his last football game of the season. We managed to carve some pumpkins in between games. Claire really got into trick or treating this year. We were out for 2 and half hours and she didn't even eat any candy while we out walking. She had a fun time and saw some of her good friends along the way.